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Welcome to Wool Works™ Magazine - the Premier Issue Has Shipped!

Image of WoolWorks Spring 2017 Cover                  
Spring 2017 Premier Issue                  

Wool Works™ Magazine is full of good things.  It is a place to learn about wool, from its simple beginnings among grassy pastures to the cherished applique pillows, family quilts and warm hooked rugs that grace our homes.  As you turn the pages, you'll see beautiful projects from the best designers in the industry who join us in enriching your love of wool.

Wool Works™ Magazine is a commitment to the love of wool.  If you enjoy wool applique, rug hooking or quilting with wool, each issue will contain several projects to inspire you to create something special for your home, your family, your friends.  These beautiful projects deserve to be paired with articles that celebrate our strengths and imagination as women, and our contributing designers share those values.

Step back in time with us, to a place where life was simpler.  Learn the secrets of dyeing your own wool, visit quilting and rug hooking guilds and meet women who use their handcrafts to give back to their communities.  Master the art of fancy embroidery stitches and learn the best methods for perfect wool applique. Want to learn the best foundation cloth for rug hooking, how to recycle wool and which rug hooks are favored by designers? You've come to the right place.

Wool Works™ Magazine is published four times a year in the spring, summer, fall and winter.  Subscribe now and join us in celebrating our love of everything wool.

Picture of Wool Applique                Picture of Hooked Rug