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Wool Works™ Magazine feels like hometown.  As you turn the pages of each issue, you'll enjoy several beautiful projects with full instructions and templates that will enrich your love of wool, from quilts and applique to warm hooked rugs, old dolls and wool punch needle.

Wool Works™ Magazine is more than pretty pictures. Each issue contains important information you won't want to miss, such as the best method for perfect wool applique, how to “felt” wool so it does not fray, how to easily master wool embellishment stitches, simple ways to bind your next hooked rug, how to protect your wool from moths--oh, the list goes on!

You've come to the right place. With each issue, you'll get up close and personal with our designers, receive valuable dye recipes to create your own hand-dyed wool, visit quilting and rug hooking guilds whose members use their handcrafts to give back to their communities and much more!

Wool Works™ Magazine is approximately 52 pages per issue and is published four times a year, always in time for seasonal projects. Publication release dates are January 10 (spring issue), April 10 (summer issue), July 10 (fall issue) and October 10 (winter and holiday issue).  U.S. printed subscriptions are $30/year, Canada printed is $42.00/year and international printed is $82/year. All prices are in U.S. funds. Subscribe now and join us in celebrating our love of everything wool.

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